(Available 1 Oct) 旺角西 奥运 形品星寓 会所新楼 多功能会所 2个游泳池 1个可以 Pool Side Party 中层 实用387尺 1房1厅1卫1厨 有家电 即租即住 5分钟到旺角地铁站 8分钟到奥运地铁站 月租 HKD 19500

(Available 1 Oct) Mongkok West / Olympic Lime Stardom, Multi-Functional Club Houses with a pool for pool side party, saleable area: 387 sq feet, One Bedroom, Fully Furnished, Rent: 19500, 5 mins to Mongkok MTR station, 8 mins to Olympic MTR station


(8月25号可租可看) 奥运 港湾豪庭 低层 会所小区 实用499尺 3房2厅1卫1厨 月租23000 8分钟到奥运地铁站,小巴直到旺角/旺角东地铁站

(Can lease and visit from 25 Aug) Olympic Metro Harbour View, Lower Floor, 3 Bedroom, Rent: 23000, 8 mins walk away from Olympic MTR station or Direct Mini-bus to Mongkok and Mongkok East MTR Station

港灣豪庭资料 Metro harbour View Information: http://morris-hk.com/blogging/archives/275/