Lease Management with MyPropty

  x now is cooperating with MyPropty, a Hong Kong startup for leasing management to offering leasing management services.

We look after your asset proactively to keep tenants happy, occupancy rates high and increase rental income for your properties.

What do we do?

Our umbrella of asset management service encompasses lease renewals, tenant relationship management, marketing promotion and other essential tenancy services.

How do we work?

We take a proactive approach to your asset to maintain happy tenants, achieve high occupancy rates and increase rental income for your properties.

Who do we work for?

Both global and local firms, foreign funds, property developers and owners, private investors and traditional high net worth families.

How much do we charge?

For a monthly HKD 250 per flat, we handle everything from reminding tenants for the rent payment, dealing with the broken engineering works (extra fee required depends on the nature) and the tenant’s last day checkout. We will all keep you informed and updated, we will do all the works and you will enjoy your extra time and efforts.

What do the landlords need to do?

Just sit tight and install our app, all your properties status will be updated in the dashboard, important progress or updated are all in a glance.

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