Renting Procedures & Fees

General Procedure of renting an apartment in Hong Kong


Leasing generally requires at least one year, and will need an one-off payment of two months deposit for the landlord, first month rent for the landlord, half month agency commission and stamp for the government. Rent generally includes rates and management fees.


In additional, the tenant may also enjoy a rent-free period. Rent-free period is generally from 5 to 7 days start calculating on the day which a provisional tenancy agreement is signed.


For example, if an apartment with monthly rent HKD $15,000, a total of HKD$ 52,952.5 is required.



Utility Fees are not normally included in the rents for normal residential apartments, they will be calculated based on usage and charged by the relevant companies like Water Department, Electricity Company, Gas Company and the Internet Vendor.


From my personal experience, for a single person, water will be HKD $30 per 3 months, Electricity will be more expensive in Summer with the AC on, HKD $1 will be consumed per hour per an AC is turned on, Gas depends on the cooking, and internet for me will be HKD $150 per month with a 100M speed unlimited usage board band, enough for youtube and bittorrent download.


Hong Kong Landlord normally vacant the apartment after leasing

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